Health Sciences Students

ASR Students: 

If you have general education courses to complete, please make an appointment with your advisor.

DMS, MI, MLS, and PH Students:

Contact your advisor if you have questions regarding your plan of study.

Nursing Students

Undergraduate Nursing Students:

Contact the ARC (Academic Registration Center) at if you have questions regarding your plan of study.

Graduate Nursing Students:

Contact the MARC (Master's Academic Registration Center) at if you have questions regarding your plan of study.

Waiting Lists
If you do not get into your preferred course, clinical or lab section, you may request to be added to the waiting list by emailing for BSN students or the for graduate nursing students and indicating the specific course number(s), clinical or lab section(s). Students will be added to the waiting list in the order the requests are made. Requests may be made beginning March 11. Any requests made prior to this date will be disregarded. Students are notified when/if space becomes available.
Holds that impact Registration

STUDENTS ON HOLD are not eligible to register for any courses. All holds must be resolved prior to Friday, March 1 for summer registration. YOUR REGISTRATION WILL NOT be processed if there is a hold on your account. If My Pulse indicates you have a business office hold, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management to inquire about your hold at (319) 226-2014.

Students in graduate nursing programs are registered based on the following priority:

  1. Fully admitted MSN and Post-Graduate Certificate students
  2. Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in graduate courses


Allen College reserves the right to re-assign individuals to adjust clinical group sizes.  In addition, Allen College reserves the right to cancel a class if an insufficient number of students enroll, and to close a course when maximum enrollment is achieved.

Registration for courses in a future semester is dependent on successful completion of current semester coursework. Your registration may be altered or cancelled if course requirements and pre-requisite requirements are not met.

The summer schedule book is available and may be viewed here.

Click the following link to purchase your books at UNI Bookstore online: Textbook Information | UNI Bookstore

Contact Information:

Michelle Koehn
Allen College
Barrett Forum
1825 Logan Ave.
Waterloo, IA 50703
(319) 226-2002

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